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A photographer is asking an Atlanta judge to order a default judgment in a lawsuit filed against former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes.

A default judgment is ordered when a defendant refuses to respond to a lawsuit or declines to cooperate after a response is submitted.

The default judgment awards the plaintiff damages plus attorney’s fees.

According to court documents obtained by Rhymeswithsnitch, the lawsuit was filed by photographer Allison Miller and her company Photography By Ace for unpaid photography services.

Miller said she sent multiple invoices to NeNe, asking her for payment for services rendered. But NeNe ignored her.

Miller is asking for $500 for photography services provided on October 30 and 31, 2021 for a brunch and a Falcons Halloween party at NeNe’s Linnethia Lounge in Gwinnett County, GA. Another invoice was for photo services provided on November 12 and 13, 2021. The total for both invoices was $1000.

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Miller said NeNe claimed she had never worked for her or her lounge and that she has never paid Miller in the past for photo services. The photographer wrote in her filing, “I have complete invoices that show otherwise.”

NeNe, 55, was properly served with the lawsuit documents outside her $1.8 million condo in Atlanta.
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The process server said they stood and waited for her outside her luxury condo building.

The server said they handed the legal documents to Leakes as she exited her Blue 2020 Rolls Royce. “I delivered the documents to Linnethia Leakes with identity confirmed by subject saying yes when named. The individual accepted service with direct delivery.”

NeNe has had cash flow problems since her husband, Gregg, died from colon cancer in 2021. She was fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta for insubordination in 2020.

NeNe sold her Buckhead condo for $2.5 million in August 2022 – two months after listing it for sale and nine months after purchasing the property for $1.85 million.