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Brooklyn Nets guard Cam Thomas (right) was fined $40,000 by the league for an anti-gay comment he uttered during a postgame interview.

The league fined Thomas for using an “anti-gay” phrase that was characterized as “derogatory and offensive” by the NBA.

Thomas made the comment during a postgame interview after the Nets defeated the Chicago Bulls 116-105 Thursday.

TNT broadcaster Jared Greenberg interviewed Thomas along with teammate Spencer Dinwiddie who previously commented that the team may not have gotten the best trade package but they were “the best looking, and the Nets needed some help in that department.”

Photo may have been deleted

Thomas disagreed with his teammate, saying, “Man, he just talking. We already had good-looking dudes. No homo.”

Greenberg, who was taken aback by the comment, replied, “All right, I’m sure the league office will enjoy that one.”

The league office responded by fining the 21-year-old guard $40,000.

Thomas later took to Twitter to apologize for offending anyone.

“I want to apologize for the insensitive word I used in the post-game interview,” Thomas wrote. “I was excited about the win and was being playful. I definitely didn’t intend to offend anyone, but realize that I probably did. My apologies again. Much love.”

Some NBA fans took to social media to complain that gay people express pride in their sexuality, but heterosexual men are canceled for doing the same.

This is the first fine for Thomas.

Watch the video below.