Jasmin Merdan / Moment

A Chicago mom is under investigation for leaving her minor son outside by himself at night.

Viral video shows a concerned citizen filming a young boy who was wearing pajamas outside on a cold night. The boy appeared to be about 4 or 5 years old. The man asked the boy for his name and then proceeded to search for the child’s mother.

Moments later, the mother pulled up in a Mercedes-Benz SUV. An argument ensued between the mom and the man. “I don’t care about you,” she told the man. “You ain’t gotta care about me,” he told her. “Just get this baby upstairs!”

According to Chicago bloggers, police are investigating the mother for child neglect.

Commenters thanked the good citizen for protecting the boy.

One TikTok user wrote: “Benz?? Chicago? Know it’s cold out there!! Thanks brother for being a guardian Angel!! Glad u checked HER!!”

Another person wrote: “As soon as as I heard the 1st Joe I knew this was Chicago. So sad I am glad that someone put the mom in her place and watched over that child.”

A third person wrote: “The way these kids are being found wandering is sickening..she deserves to have way more than a man talking AT her. The cops should’ve been called [for real].”

Watch the video below.

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