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Marriott International, Inc. made a legal move to increase its chances of getting Michael Irvin’s $100 million lawsuit dismissed.

Irvin sued Marriott hotel in an Arizona state court after he was sent home by the NFL Network for allegedly “saying something” to a hotel employee in early February.
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Marriott countered the lawsuit by having the whole case moved to a federal court where the chances are better for dismissal.

Irvin previously won a legal victory in state court when a judge ordered Marriott to name the female employee who accused Irvin of improper conduct.

The state judge also ordered the hotel to surrender any video footage of the incident involving Irvin and the woman in the hotel lobby.

But the case is no longer in state court, which means Marriott can ignore those orders.

According to Yahoo News, “federal law authorizes defendants sued in state court to take the case to federal court when the defendants are not residents of the states where they have been sued.”

Defendants can request to move lawsuits to federal court if the state where they are sued does not hold legal jurisdiction over them.

Jurisdiction covers the territory over which a court has legal authority. Arizona court judges don’t have legal authority over Maryland residents.

Marriott is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. State courts typically favor local residents suing out-of-state parties.