Photo may have been deleted

France is introducing a bill to prevent social media influencers from using deceptive filters to enhance their features in social media photos.

Men have been burned by women who are gorgeous on social media but they look totally different when they meet up IRL (in real life).

Now France is doing something about the deceptive practice. France has introduced a bill to make it mandatory for influencers to notify followers if their photos are retouched or filtered.

In a press conference, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said the new legislation will “limit the destructive psychological effects of these practices on Internauts’ esteem.”

Additionally, influencers won’t be able to filter their photos for beauty and makeup ads.

“All promotion for cosmetic surgery by an influencer as part of a paid partnership will be prohibited,” said Brun Le Maire. “I want to say to the influencers who do not respect the law, from now on, we will have a zero-tolerance approach. No sidestepping or breaking the rules.”

A similar law was passed back in 2017 by the French government, but it pertained to print advertisement and online magazines that published Photoshopped bodies.