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In a highly anticipated daytime exclusive interview on today’s “Tamron Hall,” model Angela White, formerly “Blac Chyna”, discussed her recent decision to reverse her plastic surgery procedures.

Earlier this month, Angela took to social media to share that she was dissolving fillers in her face and removing implants from other parts of her body, shocking and exciting her followers. She also shared that her preference is to now be referred to by her legal name instead of her exotic dancer name.

In her exclusive sit-down with Tamron Hall, Angela revealed why she decided to make the change, why she felt pressure to have the procedures done in the first place, and her new outlook on life.

Angela White reveals her new look after having the fillers in her face dissolved:

“This is me now. So you can see the difference, right here in the cheek area. Yeah, see when I smile, now you can see, like, all of my teeth. I had so much filler in my lips to where as though I couldn’t even barely smile, but you see now when I smile…see look at the difference from there.”

Angela White on why she started getting plastic surgery procedures in the first place:

“Insecurities and, honestly, what was kind of in at that moment. You know, like being in the industry, you want to have this image of yourself to look perfect, you know. And there’s no such thing as that. There’s no such thing.”

Angela White on the peer pressure from other exotic dancers to build a new body:

“I was an exotic dancer for six years from the ages of 18 to 24 years old. And being inside the strip club or the gentleman’s club, you’re looking around, I’m super young, I’m looking at the women like, I’m looking at myself like, ‘Okay, that’s not it. This is not gonna make the money. This is not gonna do it.’ So I felt the pressures of trying to hurry up and build my body when I should’ve just waited until I was older because that’s gonna happen. At 19, 18 years old, your body’s not developed. And you know, in my mindset, I wasn’t thinking about that and nobody was telling me, you know, right from wrong. It was the golden ticket. I was not worried about it [the health risks] at all because at the time this wasn’t something that regular women could get. It was only in the trans community. So this is a long time ago, you guys. You have to think, that was what? 2007?”

Angela White on why she decided to reverse her previous plastic surgeries:

“A lot was going on in my life, honestly. Like, I had so many negative things that was being attached to me, and to my body and my soul and to my mind, to where as though it would affect, like, my day to day and just different things in my life.”

Angela White on what she’s shared with her kids about her lifestyle change:

“You know, I haven’t really told them anything. I just lead by example. Like if I’m working out, they work out with me. I ask them to come to church with me. They’re like, ‘How far is it?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh God.’ Because it’s actually really far. I drive an hour and five minutes to my church and an hour and thirty minutes back every Sunday.”

Angela White on the way she’s changed her approach to her career:

“I been stopped a lot of that stuff, but I just never was vocal about it. I been stopped my OnlyFans all the way in December. I just didn’t really speak about it. I been stopped doing hostings at clubs and all of these things. I been stopped doing certain posts that I didn’t want to do anymore with like certain products and things like that. I was quietly pulling out.”

Angela White on if she’ll ever complete another plastic surgery procedure:

“I’m done with it y’all. No more.”

Watch the video below.