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Trae the Truth blessed an elderly woman who was previously arrested for not paying a $77 trash collection bill.

Police arrested 82-year-old Martha Menefield, of Valley, Alabama, over the unpaid trash bill. The $77.80 bill included late fees and fines assessed by the city.

Menefield was in tears when she was handcuffed by two Valley police officers in December 2022. Her arrest sparked outrage around the country. She initially thought the officers were joking. “You’re not kidding?” she said, speaking to KTLA.

“The cuffs, they were so heavy,” she said, adding that she was grateful her grandchildren weren’t there to see her taken into custody. She was later released on bond.

Valley’s chief of police, Mike Reynolds, defended the arrest in a post on the city’s Facebook page.

Houston native Trae the Truth was among those outraged over Menefield’s arrest.

Photo may have been deleted
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The humble rapper traveled to Valley to meet Ms. Menefield personally. He upgraded her home, spending $15,000 on new furniture and other necessities for the house.

Trae has plans to buy a new car for Menefield. He is also reaching out to contractors to fix the home’s foundation and install central air and heat.

In a post on Instagram, Trae wrote: “Made it Back To Valley Alabama To Bless Mrs. Martha Menefield… Stay Tuned… Luv.”

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