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The transgender “Day of Vengeance” protest that was scheduled for Saturday in Washington, D.C. was canceled after the White House expressed concern for their safety.

The Day of Vengeance was planned to protest hundreds of transgender bills around the country.

The organization behind the planned protest issued a statement Thursday, saying, “we lack the resources to ensure the safety of the protest and cannot in good conscience move forward with it.”

The protest was canceled after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the trans community was “under attack” following the murders of three children and three adults in a Nashville Christian school by a female-to-male trans person.

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Jean-Pierre suggested the deranged school shooter was a victim of anti-trans legislation.

She noted the plethora of “anti-LGBTQ bills” being introduced by Republican lawmakers banning sex change operations and hormone blockers for children.

“We’ve been very clear about these anti-LGBTQ bills that we’ve been seeing in state legislatures across the country, in particular these anti-trans bills as they attack trans kids, as they attack trans parents. It is shameful and it is unacceptable,” Jean-Pierre said during a daily press briefing on Thursday.

“They want us to fight for their freedoms. And so, it is shameful, it is disturbing, and our hearts go out to those — the trans community as they are under attack right now, but this is a president who has said many times before he has their backs. He will continue to have their backs and he will continue to fight for them, and his record shows that,” Jean-Pierre said.

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