Denise Truscello/Getty Images

Usher Raymond reportedly fired a dancer who bumped into him and caused him to fall during his Las Vegas residency show at Dolby Live at Park MGM in Nevada on March 8.

Usher was on roller skates while singing his hit “Don’t Waste My Time,” when the dancer bumped into him and caused him to lose his balance onstage.

After struggling to remain upright, the singer tripped over her foot (which wouldn’t have happened if she had gotten up immediately).

Usher fell to one knee but he bounced right back up and didn’t miss a beat.

“You can’t get ’em all right y’all,” the embarrassed crooner told the crowd.

Usher and the dancer embraced, but sources say he was upset. Usher is reportedly a perfectionist who practices his routines during exhaustive rehearsals.

Sources say Usher let the dancer go after the show because her carelessness was unacceptable. A new dancer has already replaced her.

Usher reportedly said his health was more important than her tears. If he is injured he can’t work, and if he can’t work he can’t pay his bills to support his family.

The dancer was inconsolable, but the show must go on.

Watch the video below.