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Dr. Umar Johnson took to social media to call out the vandal who busted a window at his Frederick Douglas Marcus Garvey Academy Elementary School.

In a video on his YouTube channel, titled “Another Sabotage Attempt,” Umar said, “We’ve got to cover ’em back up. Somebody threw a rock through the window brothas and sistas. Y’all see that? Somebody threw a rock through the window. They threw a rock through the window,” he repeated.

“All the money we paid to get this done, and we got people sabotaging, brothas and sistas… So we covering the windows back up. We got the good brothas out here. We got to cover the windows back up brothas and sistas. We got Black people who don’t wanna see us succeed. We got Negroes who don’t wanna see liberation brothas and sistas… How you gonna hate on the future of Black boys?”

Umar’s followers were skeptical that he jumped on YouTube to blame Black people before checking the surveillance video.

One person wrote: “Wondering why someone would jump on camera, blame black folks, then ask black folks for money, make a police report (somehow) but not look at the security camera footage, in either instance?”

Others asked why Umar didn’t have insurance to cover the school building.

“Don’t be trying to throw shade at me… You ain’t got no institution. What you building for the people? I’m building 2 institutions. You ain’t got one,” Umar clapped back.

Watch the video below.