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“Love Is Blind” fans were upset when Netflix crashed during the live reunion — its second live event ever.

The live reunion that brought the cast of Season 4 together with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey was set to air live on Sunday evening at 8 PM on the East Coast, but technical issues prevented fans from watching live.

Angry viewers took to Twitter to complain after they saw a message on their screens telling them to try again later.

Netflix apologized for the delay on Sunday.

According to a few of the cast members, the live-stream glitched because too many viewers overloaded the servers.

TMZ ran into a few of this season’s contestants on Monday at LAX and asked them about about Netflix’s technical problems.

Fans complained that Netflix just wasn’t ready for a live-stream event.

According to fan favorite Paul Peden, it wasn’t so much a lack-of-preparation on Netflix’s part — as it was the many fans tuning in, which Netflix’s servers apparently couldn’t handle all at once.

Paul says some fans did get to see the live reunion in some places, and he thinks the streaming giant should definitely keep dabbling in live programming since there’s a ton of fan interest.

For the record, most viewers couldn’t see the episode until Monday afternoon.

Paul also talked to TMZ about his drama-filled journey on the show. As fans know, he left Micah Lussier at the altar — after she demanded he say “I do” first — and he talks about how he feels about her last-second switcheroo.

Bottom line, he says he does sorta consider Micah’s move pretty damn villainous.

Watch the video below.