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Former reality star James Timothy “Tim” Norman was sentenced to life in prison on March 2.

Norman was convicted last year of masterminding the murder of his nephew, 21-year-old Andre Montgomery. Norman put out a hit on his nephew in order to collect $450,000 in life insurance benefits to pay off his IRS debt.

The insurance agent involved in the murder-for-hire was also convicted and sent to prison.

According to reports, Norman has retained Bill Cosby’s high-powered attorney for his appeal.

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Norman’s mom, Robbie Montgomery, who founded Sweetie Pie’s soul food restaurants in St. Louis, has reportedly retained the services of Jennifer Bonjean to file her son’s appeal.

Bonjean successfully appealed the conviction of comedian Bill Cosby which was overturned on a technicality.

Pennsylvania’s highest court overturned the conviction after finding that a previous prosecutor signed a settlement agreement with Cosby that would have prevented him from being charged in the case.

The Supreme Court found issue with the judge’s decision to let prosecutors call five other accusers in addition to Andrea Constand — despite the agreement that Cosby would never be charged.

A YouTube vlogger claimed that Terica Ellis, the woman who lured Andre to his death, was released from prison earlier this year. But that rumor was not confirmed by a legitimate news outlet.