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A TikTok influencer shared communication tips to help her followers build healthy relationships with men.

The Tiktoker, named Zoey, shares her advice in a common sense way that may come across as rude. But, some people pay hundreds of dollars for the advice she dishes out for free.

According to Zoey, most people won’t accept her advice because they lack standards and self-respect.

But those who do take her advice will build a genuine connection with their partners or move on in a healthy way.

“Men under 30 don’t have their sh*t together and that’s Ok,” she said. “Stop letting social media fill up your head with these unrealistic standards.”

Zoey also notes that men have it harder in life than women — especially when it comes to money.

“So stop being a 25-year-old woman wondering why this 25-year-old man can’t bust his c**chie open online for $10,000 a month. It just does not work that way for men.”

Watch the video below.