Variety via Getty Images

A video clip of Ben Affleck slamming a car door on his wife, Jennifer, is fueling rumors of friction between the power couple.

The trouble began on May 10 when the couple apparently exchanged angry words on the red carpet at the “Mother” premiere in Los Angeles.

Later, the paparazzi spotted Ben and Jen out and about. The video shows Ben being a gentleman and opening the passenger side door for Jennifer. But he slammed the door, which fueled online speculation that another break-up is imminent.

The video, captured by, went viral on social media.

“That man look STRESSED,” wrote one Twitter user. The tweet garnered over 8,000 replies.

While many Twitter users praised Ben on being a gentleman, others noted his grumpy attitude.

“Yeesh the way he closed the door,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another person tweeted:

“i have heard such terrible things about jlo, but to see ben in such distress is sad. look at how he slammed the door. get this man some help!”

A third person wrote: “Uh uh, why he slam the door like that. Babe, you good??”

Watch the video below.