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ESPN host Stephen A. Smith lashed out at the national news media for ignoring one national crime statistic: Black people are killing each other at an alarming rate.

On Wednesday’s episode of his podcast, “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” Smith called out the “mainstream media” for ignoring Black homicides.

Smith cited the homicidal violence in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend that left 12 people dead and 51 people wounded, including two toddlers.

“It’s nothing new,” Smith said. “When we gonna look at ourselves when it comes to black people being killed in the streets of America? I don’t even want to get into what happened in Chicago, but I have no choice,” he said.

“It’s not the first time this has happened. It’s been happening year after year after year,” he said. “Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, [and] the list goes on and on. Where’s the noise at? Where’s the protest? Where’s [the] mainstream media talking about that? Where is it?”

Smith noted the feeding frenzy by the mainstream media when covering crimes involving whites killing or injuring Black people.

He also criticized Black leaders for inciting violence when a white cop kills a Black person.

“If one black person was killed by the police, we’d raise holy hell, and in some cases there’d be riots in the streets. What I’m saying is: Where’s the due diligence when it comes to putting a spotlight on what we are doing to each other?”

The White House is also ignoring the problem. While speaking at Howard University’s commencement ceremony last month, President Biden called “white supremacy” the “single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland.”

“This s**t is pissing me off!” Smith shouted.

Watch the video below.