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GoFundMe, Houston PD

A father of 6 was shot and killed at his daughter’s graduation party at a home in Houston, Texas, early Friday. His killer has already bonded out of jail.

Adam Tobias, 35, was gunned down during a verbal dispute with his ex-girlfriend’s estranged boyfriend, Philip Arning. The shooting happened at 4 a.m. on Friday, May 26.

Police arrested Arning, but he quickly bonded out of jail on Tuesday, May 30.

Adam’s daughter, Destiny Tobias told KPRC she heard her mother fighting with Arning downstairs.

Destiny said she went downstairs and saw her father’s lifeless body on the floor. “I run to him and I’m crying and begging… and I could not leave his body.”

Destiny said her father wanted to spend more time at her graduation party, but Arning wanted him to leave.

“[Arning] was telling people what to do, like, to shut down the party. He didn’t put one penny in it, and he wasn’t supposed to be there,” she said.

Adam’s widow Neftaly Perez is angry that a killer is now out on the streets.

She said Arning gets to go home and be with his parents — while she and Adam’s kids are left devastated.

Photo may have been deleted

Adam is pictured with his daughter, Destiny, from his previous relationship, and his minor sons by Perez. Perez and Adam were trying for a girl, but they ended up with 5 boys who will grow up without a father.

Perez said Adam was a good dad. “He was always there for his kids. No matter what.”

The family has launched a GoFundMe to pay for funeral expenses.

Watch the video below.