Photo may have been deleted

Aspiring rapper Gunplay lashed out at fans who asked for GuFundMe refunds after he gave expensive jewelry to Rick Ross.

In February, Gunplay, 43, and his wife, Vonshae, launched a GoFundMe for donations because their newborn daughter needed open heart surgery.

Kindhearted fans donated $30,000 for the operation. Now they are asking for refunds after Gunplay gave expensive gifts, including a diamond chain, to his label boss, Rick Ross.

Gunplay, real name Richard Morales Jr., is an artist on Rick Ross’s record label roster.

During an appearance on “The Breakfast Club” in May, co-host DJ Envy called out Ross for not paying the medical expenses for his artist’s newborn daughter.

Afterwards, Gunplay shared a video online gifting Ross with an “appreciation chain.”

After viewing the video, Gunplay’s fans demanded refunds from GoFundMe.

During an appearance on the “We In Miami” podcast, Gunplay defended himself and angrily lashed out at his fans.

“Every single one of you pu**y a*s ho*s and f**k ni**as that went to GoFundMe and donated and went to get a f***ing refund, you never gave it with your heart. You’re a piece of sh*t and you’ll die that way.”

Photo may have been deleted

He claimed he didn’t use GoFundMe donations to purchase Ross’s chains. He also said he and Vonshae only received $15,000 out of the $30,000 in donations.

“People that see me give my brother a gift, they automatically want to say that I bought that with GoFundMe money. Ni**a had to pay that back. So now, if you really want to be for real, my ni**a, if a ni**a spent that on a chain, how the f**k they got it right back instantly with no pressure?”

Watch the video below.