Photo may have been deleted

Aspiring Chicago drill rapper FendiDa Rappa tapped Cardi B for the remix to her 2022 regional hit “Point Me to the Sluts.”

FendiDa Rappa released the track on her debut album Str8 From Da Raq in 2021. “Point Me to the Sluts” went viral on TikTok in 2022 and FendiDa Rappa signed a record deal with Giant Music.

Photo may have been deleted

The music video was filmed in Chicago. FendiDa Rappa is unknown outside of Chicago. She’s so underground that she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet. But that’s about to change.

In the lyrics, FendiDa Rappa makes it clear she prefers the ladies:

    Turn me up, I’m tryna f**k, point me to the sluts
    That n*gga tough he outta luck, foe’nem gave ’em up
    She got some buns, make me cum, this bitch finna run
    I gotta thumb, she can’t take it, bitch den made me numb


FendiDa Rappa ft. Cardi B – Point Me 2 Remix

SR rated: 1/5 roses