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Ice Cube sparked debates on Twitter when he said rap music encourages criminal behavior.

The former NWA rapper made the statement during a guest appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show.

Ice Cube, 54, told co-host Charlamagne that he realized rap music was fueling criminal behavior after he “got mature in the game.”

The father of four said a lot of today’s rap songs are influenced by a “committee” of record label people telling rappers what to say in their lyrics.

“Some of the songs that you love, some of the MCs you love… it was done by committee. It wasn’t a man with a pen and a mic.”

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He said West Coast rap was “a whole different vibe” from today’s rap music.

Unlike West Coast rappers who talked about gang mentality, Drill rappers commit the violent crimes they rap about.

Ice Cube’s statements comes days after Billboard magazine revealed no hip-hop or rap album has topped the Hot 100 or Top 200 albums charts in 2023.

Watch the interview below.