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Elizabeth Holmes is on track for an early release after a judge quietly shaved 2 years off her 11-year prison sentence.

According to the Associated Press, U.S. District Judge Edward Davila was impressed by Holmes’ good behavior in her first six weeks at a federal prison camp in Texas.

The judge reduced her sentence by 2 years with a new release date of December 29, 2032.

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The disgraced Theranos CEO was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison last November after her conviction on 4 counts of fraud and conspiracy.

Holmes was found guilty in January 2022 of defrauding investors out of more than $100 million.

The mom-of-two is currently serving her sentence at Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas. The facility is a minimum-security Club Fed-style prison camp for non-violent female offenders.

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Holmes founded Theranos after dropping out of Stanford University in 2003.

She claimed to have invented a revolutionary new machine that could run multiple blood tests from a single drop of blood.

At 32, she was the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. Her share of the company stock was worth more than $4.5 billion.

But Theranos’s stock value plummeted after whistleblowers told the feds the machine was fake.

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