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An ex Auburn University football player showed mercy and grace to his estranged wife after she allegedly hired 2 hitmen to kill him.

Robert Shiver, 38, and Lindsay Shiver, 36, are in the midst of a bitter divorce.

According to reports, Robert bailed his estranged wife out of jail after she was arrested on June 21 in the Bahamas for plotting to murder her husband.

Bahamas police say Lindsay paid her alleged lover Terrance Bethel, 28, and Faron Newbold, 29, to kill Robert Shiver.

All three suspects were held in a Bahamian prison without bond after their bail application was denied on July 28.

However, Robert spoke with the prosecution who granted an emergency bail application for all three suspects on August 1.

According to Fox News, Lindsay Shiver was granted $100,000 bail, and is required to wear an ankle monitor and stay in the Bahamas until her next court date on October 5.

The other two hitmen each posted $20,000 bail, Bahama Court News reported. They are also required to wear ankle monitoring devices.

Robert and Lindsay Shiver share three children said Lindsay’s grandfather, Tom Shirely.

Shirely said Lindsay and Robert lived in a $2.5 million mansion in Thomasville, Ga. until their separation.

Shirely said he was “sad,” “shocked” and “disappointed” after finding out his granddaughter was arrested in the Bahamas.

“It just tore us up,” Shirely told The NY Post Wednesday. “It’s just a shame, a crying shame, for Robert and the kids and everyone else.”

“I know Lindsay or I thought I did. And I don’t know what could have happened, but something happened,” he added.

Shirely said the family often flew on a private jet to their vacation home in the Bahamas.

“It’s hard to believe because they’re such a fine couple and a fine family,” Shirely said.

Robert Shiver filed for divorce from Lindsay for “adulterous conduct,” according to reports.

Attorneys for Lindsay denied the affair, writing: “Any extramarital relationship defendant has had was during the parties’ separation and legally condoned by husband.”

The next divorce hearing is scheduled for October 31, Fox News reported.

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