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Members of the LGBT+ community have long insisted that former President Barack Obama is bisexual.

Long before Obama blanketed the White House in rainbow colors in 2015, the LGBT+ community has claimed him as one of our own.

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According to biographer David Garrow, Obama expressed his fantasies about having sex with men in a letter to an ex-girlfriend named Alex McNear.

Garrow told Tablet magazine that the letter has been redacted and is currently stored in the archives of Emory University here in Atlanta.

The ex-girlfriend provided a copy of the letter to Garrow who said it had one redacted paragraph. The ex-girlfriend revealed the redacted paragraph was about “homosexuality,” Garrow told Tablet.

Garrow said Emory issued a press release in 2017 denying the letter contained any reference to homosexuality.

“So Emory put out a press release saying, ‘We’ve gotten these rare letters by Barack Obama.’ And no mention of this paragraph that was too sensitive. None of the papers mentioned it. Emory didn’t mention it,” Garrow told Tablet.

Garrow said he emailed Harvey Klehr, professor of politics and history at Emory University, to “Go to the Emory archives,” and find the letter. Garrow said Emory wouldn’t let Klehr take pictures or make copies of the letter.

“So Harvey has to sit there with a pencil and copy out the [para]graph where Barack writes to Alex about how he repeatedly fantasizes about making love to men.”

Garrow said he hasn’t heard from Alex in years. But he did speak with 2 other women who dated Obama before he got married.

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Obama, who turned 62 on Friday, Aug. 4, has been married to Michelle Obama since 1992. They share 2 daughters, Sasha and Malia.

The Obamas are pictured visiting the iconic Montserrat Monastery in Spain on April 29, 2023.