Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

The United Auto Workers union (UAW) launched an unprecedented strike against the big three auto makers, GM, Ford and Stellantis on Friday.

According to reports, the UAW launched a strike after the 2 sides failed to reach a deal by the 11:59 PM deadline on Thursday.

It’s the first time a strike has targeted all three big automakers in U.S. history.

According to CBS News, over 150,000 auto workers walked off the job at three major automotive plants overnight.

They join 180,000 Hollywood actors and screenwriters who have been on strike for months.

The three automakers rejected the union’s demand for pension, increased time off to be with their families, a 4-day work week and other benefits.

The workers also want a share in the profits, which the automakers rejected.

“People are realizing that the bigger higher-ups, the moguls and millionaires, the billionaires, are getting way more than what they are giving,” said Rabecca Stricker, who earns under $18 an hour as a temporary worker at a Jeep factory in Toledo. “I know UAW is in the forefront now because of how close our contract is [to expiration] but it’s not just us. It’s way bigger than us.”

The UAW strike could send the U.S. economy into a tailspin.

In July, 340,000 UPS employees negotiated lucrative contracts, which include annual salaries of $170,000 for delivery drivers and other benefits.

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