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Update, Sept. 5, 2023 at 3:52 PM

The Capitol physician said U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell didn’t suffer a stroke or a seizure when he appeared to freeze while taking questions from reporters in Kentucky last week.

McConnell, 81, returned to his senate office on Tuesday after experiencing a medical incident in his native Kentucky on Aug. 30.

The Senate Republican Leader was addressing the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Government Forum in Covington when he stared off into space for about 30 seconds without speaking.

Capitol Physician Dr. Brian Monahan wrote there is “no evidence” that McConnell had a stroke, a seizure disorder, or Parkinson’s disease, according to a letter released by McConnell’s office on Tuesday.

Dr. Monahan said he made his determination after consulting with neurologists and studying McConnell’s MRIs and an EEG report.

Dr. Monahan writes there are “no changes in recommended treatment protocols” since the senator’s fall in March.

McConnell suffered a concussion and a fractured rib when he fell and hit his head at the D.C. Waldorf Astoria on March 8. He returned to work in April.

McConnell also froze during a news conference in Washington, DC. in July.

The senator stared off into space for 20 seconds before his handlers escorted him away from the podium.

A few minutes later he returned and told reporters “I’m fine.”

The incident raised questions about the senator’s health.

Twitter/X users called for term limits and complained that Congress has become a nursing home for ailing senior citizens who refuse to retire.

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