Photo may have been deleted

TMZ was caught publishing a fake story about boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. who, apparently, is still stuck in Dubai.

TMZ claimed Mayweather gifted $30,000 cash to several homeless men on a Los Angeles street before heading to the Clippers game on Wednesday.

But multiple Clippers fans who attended Game 5 at Arena say Mayweather was not at the game Wednesday.

Mayweather’s manager or publicist, Jason Lee, tweeted a photo of Mayweather sitting in the front row at an NBA game. He captioned the image: “Floyd Mayweather courtside at the Clippers game last night. I guess this is what being ‘stuck in Dubai’ looks like smh.”

However, Lee’s followers responded that the photo is old and Floyd was not at last night’s game.

Earlier Thursday, Mayweather posted an Instagram photo taken in Dubai to prove he’s still there.

Mayweather looked thin and frail in the photo. His fans are concerned that he’s losing weight. Or even worse, that he’s being mistreated by the UAE government.

Mayweather reportedly spent the past 5 weeks holed up in a house in Dubai after the court system there refused to let him leave.

According to reports, Mayweather was detained because he owed a substantial amount of money to the government.

Mayweather was mocked by fellow boxer Gervonta “Tank” Davis, who first broke the news of Mayweather’s detainment in Dubai.

Photo may have been deleted

Photo may have been deleted

Mayweather clapped back by posting a video of Dancing dancing seductively in his underwear in a kitchen.

“We always knew he had sugar in his tank,” Mayweather captioned the videos.