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Wendy Williams made a rare appearance at a MET Gala after party on Monday night. The 57-year-old former talk show host attended an after party at The Standard hotel with blogger Jason Lee.

Wendy, 57, wore a pleated rainbow-inspired colorblock dress, while Lee opted for a black lace pantsuit that clashed with her frock.

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Fans remarked how great Wendy looked and her makeup wasn't overdone for the occasion.

Wendy promised to return to her daytime TV talk show, even though the show was canceled and her spot taken by Sherri Shepherd.

"I'm going to be back on the Wendy show," she said in March. "Bigger and brighter than ever."

However, the show's producers announced in February that Sherri, who frequently stepped in to host during Wendy's extended absences, was getting her own talk show, Sherri.

Wendy is still battling Wells Fargo Bank for control of a locked account containing $3 million.

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Singer Alicia Keys arrives at a MET Gala afterparty in New York. The singer looked stunning carrying a clutch with a NYC skyline design that matched her gown.


Megan Thee Stallion turned heads as she arrived at the Casa Cipriani Met Gala Afterparty in New York City.


Lala Anthony wore lingerie as she arrived at the Ritz Hotel after the Met Gala to visit her BFF Kim Kardashian.

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Rapper Cardi B showed off 2 different looks at Met Gala after parties in New York City, without her husband Offset.

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Kanye West's social media manager is in hot water after Black Twitter uncovered more racist tweets.

Jason Lee, of Hollywood Unlocked Instagram blog, has been criticized recently for old tweets he made referring to Black people as "c**ns".

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Lee, right, who only recently began identifying as a Black man, is believed to be the person who tweeted out "K**n-Baya" in reference to "The Daily Show" host Trever Noah on Ye's Instagram page.

Black Twitter found old tweets that prove Lee seems comfortable using the racist c-word.

The Instagram post cost Ye a coveted gig on the upcoming Grammy Awards next month. And Instagram suspended his account for 24 hours.

Since returning to Instagram, Ye (or his ghostwriter) has been silent.

But the controversy is still swirling on social media, where Lee's racist tweets are still live.

YouTube vlogger Michelle "ATLlien" Brown dragged Lee on her YouTube podcast this week. She referred to Lee as an "a** kisser" and "yes man."

Michelle was also insulted that Lee, who identified as Italian just a few years ago, is now referring to himself as Black.

Check out the tweets and Michelle's video below.
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Insiders are whispering about Kanye West's sudden downfall in the music industry after hiring an Instagram blogger to manage his social media accounts.

Sources say they noticed a change in the tenor and tone of Kanye's social media posts since Jason Lee came on board.

Jason made headlines recently when he reported Britain's Queen Elizabeth was dead. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Kanye had hired Jason to manage his social media accounts.

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Kanye watchers noticed a flurry of confrontational posts on Kanye's Instagram and Twitter accounts, including IG posts directed at blogger Perez Hilton and comedian D.L. Hughley.

Kanye lost his coveted Grammys gig after he apparently referred to South African funnyman Trevor Noah as a "Koon-Baya" on Instagram. Many were left wondering if Kanye really wrote that post.

"That word is not in Kanye's vocabulary," said one insider who is familiar with his lingo.

The source noted that Jason is known for using the c-word on social media - as you can see from his recent tweets.

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Kanye's ex-wife Kim Kardashian called him out after he took to Instagram to complain that she wouldn't allow him to see their four children.

"Please stop with this narrative, you were just here this morning picking up the kids for school," she wrote in the comments section of his post.

Did Kanye forget that he had just seen his children that morning? Or did someone else write his post?

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Blogger Jason Lee has apologized for reporting that England's Queen Elizabeth II was dead.

Lee, who runs Hollywood Unlocked Instagram blog, published an apology after deleting his posts about the Queen.

"Although I've never been wrong when breaking a story, because this involves The Queen, this is one time I would want to be. And based on Wednesday's report from the Palace, I can say my sources got this wrong and I sincerely apologize to The Queen and the Royal Family."

Lee apologized after Buckingham Palace announced the Queen, 95, had spoken with Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a weekly phone call on Wednesday, Feb. 23.

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After becoming the laughing stock of Instagram, Lee doubled down, insisting he trusted his source.

However, Lee's "source" turned out to be a fan of the late Mark Lanegan, a member of Queens of Stone Age grunge band, who died on Feb. 22, at age 57. No cause of death was announced.

Lanagan's death was announced on social media, an hour before Lee posted his click-bait post about the British Monarch.

Lee claimed his "trusted source" told him the Queen had died after she failed to show up at a wedding. However, the Queen was not on the guest list and she did not know the bride or groom.

The triple vaccinated Queen tested positive for COVID, and was experiencing mild flu-like symptoms. She canceled virtual meetings while recovering at Windsor Castle.

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II participated in a weekly phone call with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to PEOPLE.

She is at home recovering from mild flu-like symptoms after testing positive for COVID, despite being triple vaccinated.

PEOPLE reported that several fully vaccinated Royal Household members have also tested positive for coronavirus.

The Queen, 95, spoke with Johnson over the phone from Windsor Castle on Wednesday, Feb. 23.

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The Monarch must not have gotten the memo that she passed away.

Jason Lee, who runs the Hollywood Unlocked Instagram blog, reported that someone in Buckingham Palace told him the Queen of England had succumbed to Covid-19.

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After becoming the laughing stock of Instagram, Lee doubled down, insisting that he trusted his Buckingham Palace source - and that he was awaiting an official statement.

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Lee's report barely nudged the trending needle on social media because it was so patently absurd.

How narcissistic of him to think that a royal insider would give an American blogger the biggest news story of the year.

Somehow, your auntie's name got dropped in the mix.

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Tiffany Haddish and social media influencers are catching heat for "bullying" a young female doctor who disputed their Covid-19 conspiracy theories.

According to multiple reports, the unidentified doctor was bullied on the app "Clubhouse" by the comedienne and social media influencers with over 1 million followers each, such as Jason Lee, Joe Budden, and Instagram activist Chaka Bars.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat that allows users to create private rooms.

Haddish, Budden, and Chaka Bars reportedly harassed several Black doctors on January 13, and even doxxed the doctors by sharing their personal information online.

The doctors were disputing conspiracy theories being spread by Haddish and others. Among the conspiracy theories is the government invented Covid-19 and social distancing to make it easier for satellites to do facial recognition.

Hours before the doctor was admitted to a hospital for attempted suicide, her friends took to social media to call out the celebrities.

One user tweeted: "Hey @joinClubhouse – there is a room called 'CH Bullying' full of celebrities and conspiracy theorists who are plotting to dox several black doctors by sharing their social media accounts to several thousand people. Can you please step in? #CHBullying."

Another user wrote: "Chakabars, Tiffany Haddish, Jason Lee and other 'celebrities' are plotting in a clubhouse room to take down a young black woman doctor and they even said 'ruin her life'. They are sharing her details in a group chat. How is this allowed @joinClubhouse? #chbullying."

Haddish responded to the allegations on her Twitter account. The "Girls Trip" actress claimed she was exercising her freedom of speech about Covid-19. She wrote, "Now People on clubhouse saying I am bullying because I just told the truth."

Haddish defended her actions, saying, "There is a special place in Gods Kingdom for people that like to lie and make up stories on other people. Funny how some people can't handle the truth!"