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Ye, the music producer formerly known as Kanye West, has hired his good and great friend, Candace Owens to take over Jason Lee‘s media relations duties as Head of Media and Partnerships.

As you know, Jason Lee parted ways with Ye after he and Owens wore “White Lives Matter” shirts during his fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week.

According to TMZ, some of Ye’s former friends say Candace is acting as his chief advisor and media relations contact person.

Candace has been reaching out to media outlets on Ye’s behalf, working to set up calls, meetings and appearances. Those duties were once performed by Jason Lee.

On Wednesday night, Ye showed up to Candace’s BLM “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” premiere in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jason Davis/Getty Images

Ray J, left, and Kid Rock, center, were also in attendance. Sources told TMZ Ray J was invited by Owens to spite Ye’s ex-wife and Ray J’s ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

One TMZ source says, “Anyone taking money from him is taking advantage of him” and “She’s gonna run him into the ground.”

Earlier this week, Candace leaked an old voicemail from Kim to Ray J in which Kim called the legend Whitney Houston — whom Ray was dating at the time — an “Old hag” and a “Crack head.”

Ye’s former friends say they believe Candace leaked the voicemail to show her loyalty to Ye, especially against Kim, whom Ye has accused of “kidnapping” his daughter, Chicago.

Listen to leaked audio below.