Photo may have been deleted

On Thursday’s episode of WE tv’s “Toya & Reginae” (Sept. 7) at 9PM ET/8PM CT, Reginae Carter questions whether she and ex-boyfriend Ar’mon can figure out their issues and reunite.

Reginae got together with her girls about a week after she and Ar’mon officially broke up.

“We’ve talked and stuff and he’s coming back to Atlanta in a couple of days,” Reginae said.

“I’m sad about this breakup… I feel like we have a great relationship when everything is good and I hate that we just can’t get it together right now.”

Photo may have been deleted

She added that social media has had a negative effect on their relationship.

Toya Johnson-Rushing has an emotional breakdown over her unresolved issues with Beedy and Casey. Beedy faces Toya and Reginae for the first time since the birthday party drama.

WE tv’s all-new reality series, Toya & Reginae, stars Atlanta’s most dynamic mother-daughter duo Toya Johnson-Rushing and Reginae Carter. The powerful pair are no strangers to the spotlight. Every tweet, comment or post they make is dissected on all the hottest blogs, but what their fans see on social media is just scratching the surface.