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Vice President Kamala Harris says she may have to take over the presidency and is ready to do so.

Harris, 58, made the comment in an interview with Associated Press reporter Chris Megerian in Jakarta, Indonesia on Wednesday.

Megerian asked Harris if she was prepared to take over for President Biden amid questions about his age and apparent cognitive decline.

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

“Questions about the president’s age often go hand in hand with questions about how you would step in the role if necessary,” Megerian said.

“Do you feel prepared for that possibility? Has serving as vice president prepared you for that job?” he added.

“Yes,” Harris replied.

“And how would you describe that process?” Megerian asked.

“Well, first of all, let’s — I’m answering your hypothetical, but Joe Biden is going to be fine. So that is not going to come to fruition,” Harris said.

She continued: “But let us also understand that every vice president — every vice president — understands that when they take the oath, that they must be very clear about the responsibility they may have to take over the job of being president. I am no different.”

Biden, who turns 81 in November, is the oldest sitting U.S. president in history.

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