Photo may have been deleted

NBA Youngboy may have his house arrest provoked after one of his 9 baby mamas accused him of ordering women to assault her.

Last week, the Baton Rouge rapper asked a judge to modify his house arrest because his mental health was deteriorating due to his continued isolation.

Youngboy, real name Kentrell Gaulden, has been on electronic monitoring in his Salt Lake City, Utah rental house since October 2021 while awaiting trial on weapons charges. A judge gave him limited visitations by pre-approved guests.

Now one of his 9 baby mamas, Arcola, is accusing him of ordering female goons to attack her when she went to pick up their 2-year-old son, Kaeli.

Photo may have been deleted

In a social media post, Arcola claims 2 women attacked her at the rapper’s house. She attached photos of her bloodied face.

“Watch who you have kids by,” Arcola wrote on Twitter/X.

“My son dad let his wh–eS yes wh–es with an S cause it was 2 of them weak ass ho-s. He gave them an order to get me lol you know b-tches who never came from sh-t gone do it. My son was in my hands. His dad just sat back and watched smh.”

Photo may have been deleted

Arcola says NBA YoungBoy was “p-ssed” because she asked him to keep their son Kaell for another two weeks. She said the rapper should’ve volunteered to keep the child because he doesn’t pay child support. “I just feel like if you ain’t gone help me financially you gone help physically,” she wrote.

Two weeks later, Arcola said YoungBoy told her she can now visit Kaeli on weekends. “LMFAO them drugs got his mind gone,” she wrote. “He then blocked me so I told him I’ll be out there Wednesday but nah I booked my flight last night got a rental and drove to his house.”

Once she got past YoungBoy’s security, Arcola said she tried to find her son in the house. “I was calm and respectful I asked where is kaell like 30 times! I finally found him and his wh–e was trying to take my son out of my hands smh I cannot make this up,” she wrote.

“I would be wrong if I pressed charges on yall for doing me like this with my baby in my hand,” she captioned the photo. “But karma gone eat yall as-es up. I got my son back I’m happy that’s all that matters [for real]. 5 stitches later. And her punk a-s fist ain’t do that shorty had sum.”

Arcola added: “They kept trying to take kaell from me” I “cried so hard I even screamed so loud like you’d think I was mental. I was holding my baby sooooo tight I was never letting my son go to swing on you low life wh–es. I came for my son and left with him.”

In a follow-up video, Arcola vowed that NBA Youngboy would never see his son again.

On January 7, 2023, Youngboy married Jazlyn Hayes, the mother of his 2 youngest children. The 24-year-old rapper has 11 children by 9 baby mamas.

Since moving to Utah, Youngboy has been visited by missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He plans to convert to the Mormon religion once he is off house arrest and his ankle monitor is removed.