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After a 10 month delay, rapper Young Thug’s RICO trial finally got underway on Monday, Nov. 27, in Fulton County Superior Court.

Thugger, real name Jeffery Williams, was arrested last May and charged with violating Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and gang laws.

Many of Williams’ co-defendants, including rapper Gunna, took plea deals and walked free. Williams and his remaining five co-defendants face charges of conspiracy to murder, gang violence, and drug trafficking.

The trial was delayed by an hour on Monday because one of the jurors showed up late to court due to car trouble.

According to XXL magazine, the 12-person jury consists of seven Black women, 2 White women, 2 Black men, and one White man.

Among Judge Glanville’s opening statements on Monday was to inform the jury that they may be distracted by his emotional support dog, a 2-year-old black Labrador named Jack, who would be moving around the courtroom.

“If you hear a jingling sound like a bell, please don’t think that I’m doing anything creepy up here, alright?” the judge said. “I have a service dog behind me. His name is Jack. I think some of you may have seen him already. He lives the best life ever. He’s pampered, he’s a Labrador Retriever and he’s about two and a half, three years old at this point in time.”

The service dog is in court because the judge is a former Army veteran who suffers from PTSD, reported.

Glanville continued, “If you hear that bell, that’s him moving around. He doesn’t bark. He rarely gets interested in what’s going on so he might come up here and look but that’s about it. Don’t bring him any food either, okay? He is spoiled rotten. Please don’t try to throw him any food back here behind me or anything like that. He doesn’t need anything else.”

Williams’ defense attorney immediately called for a mistrial after one of Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis’ prosecutors failed to provide a bunch of slides to the defense.

Judge Glanville denied the request. The trial continues today (Nov. 28) and is expected to last another year.