Photo may have been deleted

Nicki Minaj hit fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion below the belt in a disrespectful rant on Instagram Live.

The Barbie rapper said Megan lied on her dead mother. “You better go conjure up your mother and apologize. That’s disgusting,” Nicki said.

Nicki was upset after Megan dropped her diss track “Hiss” on Friday. Megan called out Nicki’s s*x offender husband, Kenny Petty, in the lyrics.

“These h*es don’t be mad at Megan, these h*es are mad at Megan’s Law”.

Photo may have been deleted

Megan’s law requires law enforcement to publish a list of s*x offenders in the community.

S*x offenders like Kenny are required to register their address when they move.

In her rant, Nicki accused Megan of bringing up “30-year-old tea.”

“Bullet fragment foot b*tch… Y’all mad because ya’ll don’t have somebody that loves you and standing 10 toes down behind you. You bringing up 30-year-old tea from when this man was a 15-year-old child. You bringing up 30-year-old tea cause no man will ever f***ing love you, and lying on your dead mother…”

Nicki concluded by telling Megan to keep her man’s name out of her mouth. “You will not disrespect Papa Bear… you broke b*tch.”

Sharp-eyed viewers spotted Kenny in the background looking for something to eat in the fridge while his unhinged wife continued her attack on Megan.

Fans give Nicki the ‘L’ for fighting dirty by “conjuring up” Megan’s dearly departed mother.

Meanwhile, conservative vlogger Ben Shapiro is the No. 1 rapper in America thanks to his new anti-woke track “Facts.”

    Let’s look at the stats, I’ve got the facts
    My money like Lizzo, my pockets are fat
    Homie, I’m epic, don’t be a WAP
    Dawg, it’s a yarmulke, homie, no cap