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Former NBA star Sebastian Telfair says 90% of NBA wives are gold diggers. Telfair made the comments during an interview with DJ Vlad.

Telfair blamed NBA players for primarily pursuing a certain type of woman who make themselves easily accessible.

He said the type of women NBA players marry are only interested in one thing: their money.

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“It’s because dudes is dumb and no one’s speaking up. No one advocates for athletes,” he said. “They look at the athlete like, oh, you’re the ones with the money and no one advocates for the athlete.”

“Athlete can’t even say nothing. I’m like, what, that’s bogus. Everyone don’t got LeBron money. LeBron live in a different community than the rest of the players. Yeah. I’m saying 178 players only make one to four million.”

Telfair warned NBA players that a woman’s attitude changes once she gets the ring.

“It’s the players, like, like dudes got to understand that pretty girl that’s on the side of you right now in that nice house, her energy will shift.”

Telfair said the divorce rate was seven out of 10 for NBA players when he entered the league. Now that figure has increased to nine out of 10 players getting divorced.

“Nine out of ten. Kevin Garnett got a divorce. Shaq got a divorce. Michael Jordan got a divorce. So I wanna tell, this is for all the players. I’ll be the bad guy, I’ll be the one. Like, what Shorty saying next to us ain’t it,” he said.

The 38-year-old former Oklahoma City Thunder star shares 2 minor children with his ex-wife Samantha Rodriguez.

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In 2021, Telfair was seen leaving a New York courthouse with a pregnant woman. Telfair and 18 others were indicted in New York for allegedly trying to defraud the NBA’s health care plan out of $5 million.

In March 2023, Telfair pleaded guilty to the healthcare fraud scheme. Telfair testified in court that he participated in the scam because he needed money to pay for divorce lawyers.

“I needed the money for my legal fees,” Telfair told US District Judge Valerie Caproni. “I was accused of a crime I didn’t commit. I was fighting for my life. I am still fighting for my life.”

Telfair was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in the healthcare fraud. He is currently out on bond while awaiting a decision on his appeal.

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