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A loyal reader requested heartthrob actor Trevante Rhodes for her holiday Morning Wood.

Trevante, 33, is best known for his starring role as Chiron in the 2016 film Moonlight and Tom in the 2018 film Bird Box.

The Louisiana native co-starred with actor Mahershala Ali in Moonlight.

Trevante is a fitness buff who graduated from the University of Texas where he competed in track & field.

He made his TV debut on the series Gang Related in 2014.

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Trevante caused confusion when he appeared on the cover of OUT, an LGBT+ magazine.

In an interview with, Trevante said he drew inspiration from gay friends for the role of Chiron in Moonlight.

“One of my best friends is homosexual, so I knew his struggle, but it wasn’t about pulling from that,” Trevante told People. “I didn’t want to make it about that. It was really just about understanding people, understanding love and relationships.”

He continued: “And then growing up with a best friend who is a homosexual and seeing what he had to go through with his family, with other people, and not being able to identify with anyone because he felt like no one would be able to relate, and all these things.”