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Youtube vlogger Tasha K won’t have to remove her interview with Kevin Hart’s former personal assistant Miesha Shakes, a judge ruled Thursday.

On Jan. 19, the comic actor filed an emergency petition for a restraining order against Tasha K, real name Latasha Kebe, according to court documents obtained by Rolling Stone.

But Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff said Hart’s emergency petition failed to include a copy of the transcript of Kebe’s interview.

Photo may have been deleted

“Part of the problem I have is that there are no direct quotes of what occurred in the hour-and-a-half interview,” Beckloff told Hart’s lawyers.

The judge asked the lawyers if they expected him to pay $12 to watch the interview on Kebe’s website.

Judge Beckloff described Hart’s petition as “just a really vague, over-broad request that doesn’t address actual malice.”

Hart’s lawyer, Donte Mills, said they “obviously” have the transcript, but they didn’t want it to be part of the public record because it’s an invasion of Hart’s privacy.

Hart previously sued Kebe and Shakes for defamation, breach of contract, invasion of privacy and extortion.


Hart complained that Kebe ordered him to pay her $250,000 to make the interview go away. But he didn’t pay her and she published the interview on her pay-per-view website.

In the interview, Shakes said Hart regularly cheated on his wife, Eniko, with his other personal assistants.


However, Mills argued that it is not illegal for a man to cheat on his wife.

“It’s defamatory, it’s extortion, and it absolutely shows malice on their part,” Mills said.

He added: “Not once was there ever any claim stating that my client committed a crime until this video. I think that’s important. Adultery is one thing, but adultery is not illegal.”

Judge Beckloff was not impressed with Mills’ argument. He denied the temporary restraining order and said Hart’s attorneys could file a motion attempting to submit the transcript under seal or a separate motion for a preliminary injunction in front of the judge already hearing Hart’s lawsuit against Kebe and Shakes.