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Kevin Hart was spotted without his wedding ring amid rumors of marital problems at home.

Kevin attended the East Coast premiere of his new action comedy movie “LIFT” in New York City on January 8.

He showed up without his wife and without his wedding ring which he always wears.

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Kevin filed a defamation lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K for extortion after she interviewed his former personal assistant Miesha Shakes.

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Among other claims, Miesha said Kevin repeatedly cheated on his wife Eniko.

In his court filing, Kevin claimed Tasha K’s malicious podcast may have harmed his marriage.


You could’ve driven a truck between Kevin and his wife the last time they were seen together in December.

Kevin’s lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, names Tasha K (Latasha Kebe), her company, Kebe Studios LLC, and Miesha Shakes as defendants.

The complaint accused Tasha of threatening to publish the interview “unless Hart paid a ransom of $250,000.”

No money was paid by Kevin.

Tasha published the full interview with Miesha on her pay-per-view subscription website after the lawsuit was filed.

In a preview post on Instagram, she wrote: “We never accused him of impregnating another woman.. it was only cheating!!”

In a recent post, Tasha announced she is seeking an attorney in the Los Angeles area to file another bankruptcy case.

Tasha K was ordered to pay rapper Cardi B nearly $4 million after losing a defamation lawsuit last year.

A judge later ruled that she couldn’t use bankruptcy to erase her debt to the rapper.