Photo may have been deleted

A Las Vegas judge is in hot water for posting inappropriate hot tub photos on her social media page.

Judge Erika Ballou is facing ethics complaints after posting photos of herself in a hot tub with two public defenders.

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline filed 2 counts of violating the Revised Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct against Ballou, Fox News reports.
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One of the post captions caught the attention of the Commission.

“Judge Ballou published an inappropriate statement about her judicial duties on social media,” the complaint states.

In one post, Ballot wrote, “Life is STILL beautiful, despite the fact that Billie Eilish doesn’t START for 30 minutes and I have an 8:30 calendar tomorrow.”

She added the hashtag: “Vacate The Sh-t Outta Out Of Custody Cases.”

In April 2022, “Judge Ballou posted a photograph on her Facebook page of herself in a hot tub with two public defenders, Shana Brouwers and Robson Hauser, with the caption, ‘Robson is surrounded by great t–s.'” the complaint states.

Photo may have been deleted

The Commission said Judge Ballou violated ethics rules which mandates judges act in a manner that “promotes public confidence in the independence, integrity and impartiality of the jury.”

The judge also violated a rule which says that judges shall not “participate in activities that would appear to a reasonable person to undermine the judge’s independence, integrity and impartiality.”

In an unrelated incident, the Las Vegas Police Protection Association publicly criticized Judge Ballou and called for her resignation.

The judge told a Black defendant to stay away from police after he was accused of battery against an officer, according to KLAS.

“You’re the one making the decisions not to walk away from cops. You’re a Black man in America. You know you don’t want to be nowhere where cops are,” Judge Ballou told the defendant in open court.

“You know you don’t want to be nowhere where cops are cause I know I don’t, and I’m a middle-aged, middle-class Black woman. I don’t want to be around where the cops are because I don’t know if I’m going to walk away alive or not.”

“It’s unfortunate that someone on the judicial bench would bring in their own personal biases in a setting that I don’t even think it was warranted to make the comment,” union President Steve Grammas said on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“She’s made very clear her feelings on police, and this statement here has enraged our membership, our police officers, that go out there and risk our lives every day…that she needs to go,” he said.