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Coretta Scott King is trending on Twitter/X after Jonathan Majors compared the wife of Martin Luther King Jr to his current girlfriend, Meagan Good.

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“She’s an angel. She’s held me down… like a Coretta,” he told ABC News anchor Linsay Davis in an exclusive interview on Monday, Jan. 8.

The full interview will air on Hulu on Thursday, Jan. 11.

Majors’ mention of “Coretta” sent her name trending No. 1 on Twitter/X Monday morning.

Black Twitter/X reacted swiftly.

One user wrote: “What makes Meagan anything like Coretta Scott King and more importantly what have you done to make you think you are MLK? and right before Martin Luther Kings’ birthday, too. This is blasphemy.”

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Another user wrote: “Ppl treating Coretta Scott King like she was an accessory when she’s the reason MLK was who he was never ceases to annoy me.”

A fourth person wrote: “It’s so funny to me how men like Majors view Coretta as merely supplementary to MLK Jr.’s legacy. She was there only to ‘hold him down.’ Reduced to nothing more than a smiling, doting prop. Meanwhile she was an accomplished musician, author, and a civil rights leader.”