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A woman suing Sean “Puffy” Combs for alleged s*xual assault can’t remain anonymous, a judge ruled on Thursday.

The woman, identified in court documents as “Jane Doe”, sued Combs, ex-Bad Boy president Harve Pierre, and a third man in December 2023. She claimed the three men s*xually assaulted her when she was a teenager in 2003.

Combs recently filed a court document demanding the identity of his accuser.

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Combs and his co-defendants argued their rights would be violated if the accuser remained anonymous while their identities were widely reported.

A judge agreed on Thursday, saying Doe must reveal her identity if she wants the lawsuit to move forward.

Doe’s name was revealed in social media posts, and it turns out she’s an aspiring R&B singer and actress.

Doe claimed she feared for her safety if her identity was revealed to the public.

In court documents, Combs called the lawsuit “fictional” and “unconstitutional.” He denied s*xually assaulting anyone.

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Combs also denied that he, Pierre (left), and a third man trafficked the then-17-year-old across state lines.

Doe claims she met Pierre and the other man at a Detroit lounge, and they flew her on a private jet with them to meet Combs at his recording studio in Manhattan.

Combs complained about the timing of the lawsuit and he challenged the authenticity of the color photographs included in the complaint.

Photo may have been deleted

One photo shows the teenager sitting comfortably on Combs’ lap in his studio.

Doe is suing Combs, Pierre, the third man, Daddy’s House Recordings, and Bad Boy Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

She is seeking unspecified punitive damages, attorneys fees and court costs.

Read the lawsuit below.