Photo may have been deleted
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Black Twitter dragged a white podcaster who called Halle Bailey “ugly” and said she looked like E.T.

Elijah Schaffer, host of the “Slightly Offensive” podcast, sparked outrage when he insulted “The Little Mermaid” star.

Photo may have been deleted

Schaffer tweeted an image of Bailey, who is Black, and captioned it: “When exactly did Hollywood become flooded with ugly people?”

Photo may have been deleted

He then tweeted an image of E.T., the extraterrestrial character from Steven Spielberg’s 1980s cult classic movie.

He captioned that image: “The new Little Mermaid actress.”

Outraged Bailey fans attacked Schaffer on Twitter/X and even dragged his wife, kids, and his deceased mother.

DDG responds

Aspiring rapper DDG, Bailey’s boyfriend and baby daddy, also weighed in.

“I’m smokin on yo dead a*s mama that dumb b*tch should’ve got a better doctor LMFAO,” he wrote.

According to Black Twitter, Schaffer has a history of tweeting offensive remarks about Black people.

As Bailey’s fans flooded his timeline, he compared them to monkeys.

In a follow-up tweet, he wrote:

“All this over a subpar actress having her eyes spread too far apart.”

He then went in on the Black community in general, writing:

“I always thought black people were better at being savage online. But I’ve never been more wrong. I can’t understand 90% of their DMs. Incoherent Ebonics. Insults that sound like they’re coming from a retarded 6 year old. Or they just say illegal things. Not surprised there.”

He added:

“Tribalism isn’t a bad thing, but they waste so much time being infuriated with the dumbest sh*t. While their neighborhoods deteriorate and they continue to spike our crime statistics to unseen levels.