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Cardi B revealed she’s anti-feminist and lives a traditional lifestyle at home with her husband and children.

In a video shared by Wallo267 on Thursday, Cardi B explained that men and women should be traditional and contribute equally.

“What do you do?” Cardi B asked women who want men to take care of them.

“If you gonna be the type of b***h that… you want a ni**a to take care of you and everything… but it’s like, alright, you have to pick a balance. You cannot just be a b***h that’s like, ‘Oh, my man take care of me,’ it’s like what do you do? What are you contributing? You can’t be complaining like, ‘Oh, I cook, I clean every day.’ It’s like, ‘OK, but you don’t work. You don’t contribute to the house.'”

She added, “I think it’s very controversial when [women] be like ‘Oh, I don’t go fifty-fifty.’ So if you and your man make the same amount of money, right, but only your man is the one that’s paying all the bills, how y’all ever gonna save up to buy a house or buy a business? Because he’s never gonna be able to afford to.”


Cardi stressed that couples have to work together for the better good of the relationship.

She said today’s woman is out of touch with reality because of the Internet.

Cardi said: “So, your mom and dad used to work every single day so your mom can save her money and what? Buy purses and your dad pay all the bills? That’s not how it works. Your mom was in the house cooking and cleaning every day. Your dad was working, or they was both working to pay the bills.”

She continued: “That’s why I’m saying, I’m not a feminist anymore. Sometimes it’s like y’all b****es don’t be living in the real world.”

Cardi B earns more than her rapper husband, Offset. So the dynamic has shifted in her household. Despite being a traditional woman, Cardi said her money is her money and Offset’s money is his money.