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Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas told former Cavaliers star Nick Young that he liked watching Saucy Santana twerk in a video.

“I tried to warn you not to look him up,” Nick told Gil in a recent episode of the “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas” podcast.

“I decided to Google the name Saucy Santana because I didn’t know that name,” said Gil, explaining that’s how he found Saucy’s twerk video.

Co-host Melli Monaco played a clip of Saucy’s irate response to Gil after Gil said Saucy wasn’t a rapper.

“B***h, I am a MF rapper. That’s how I make most of my MF money,” Saucy said in the video.

Saucy insinuated that Gil pleasured himself to his twerk video, “Because you pulled [the video] up too many times.”

“Did you like the twerk video?” Melli asked Gil.

“I’m not gon’ lie,” Gil laughed.

“All I’m saying is if I had to rate between who’s better, him or Meghan Thee Stallion, I don’t know who I’m gonna throw my dollars to, dawg. A good show is a good show!”

Gil then pulled stacks of hundreds out of his hoodie pocket and said, “Saucy, listen, I got rules. Listen, you can’t talk and you can’t look at me [while twerking]… I got money! Hey Saucy, I’ll be like this, yeahhhh (drops hundred dollar bills]. Shake it my ni**a!”

Gil then asked Nick, “How are you supposed to get a lap dance from a dude?”

Nick pretended to slide money across the sofa, saying, “You gotta sneak it to him… You gotta say “You see that right there?”

Both men howled laughing at what was obviously their suppressed homosexual tendencies rising to the surface.

More Black men are being open about their proclivities after years of being bombarded with LGBT+ information in social media, movies, news, and the blogs.

Black women are in despair as more Black men embrace their inner female and come out as gay or bisexual.

The next few years will be extremely tough for women as the LGBT+ bombardment continues.

Watch the podcast below.

CAUTION: Offensive language. Viewer discretion advised.