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Retired NBA player Gilbert Arenas is putting women up on game. In a recent episode of his “No Chill” podcast, Gil shared how to finesse NBA players out of $60,000 a month.

The former Washington Wizards star said NBA players with minimum contracts will pay an “influencer” $5,000 a month just to “chill” with her.

Gil advised IG models to act like businesswomen and land several NBA players at one time. “So, if you’ve got three of them, that’s fifteen grand a month just on the bottom end,” he said.

“Now you talking about – you got like a James Harden, or Paul George … or me, you talking about… ten, twenty grand a month just to be cool.”

He added, “Now you might have to sleep with dude maybe twice a month, three times a month … You making sixty grand a month. What job, what education you gon’ get from the ages of twenty to thirty-five that’s gon’ pay you sixty grand a month?”

Co-host Melli Monaco was more realistic. “That’s not a job, like, stop,” she told Gil.

But he pressed on: “What’s gon’ pay you sixty grand a month?”

Gil reiterated that women should treat their relationships like a business.

“Some of these girls are touching a million dollars a year and ain’t got sh*t in their bank accounts,” he said.

Gil says the reason high-value men seek out strippers, IG models, etc. is their discretion.

Most escorts and strippers know how to be discreet and keep their mouths shut. They don’t tell your business.

“They not telling on nobody,” Gil said. “So, if we’ve got a girl – she’s cool. She can show up anytime. She ain’t never gonna out us. Those [women] are the best.”

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