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South African singer Tyla dropped her self-titled debut album and a music video for “Art” on Friday, March 22.

The 22-year-old singer’s album received lukewarm praise from South African fans.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tyla, who is from Johannesburg, is best known for her song “Water” and the single’s remix featuring American rapper Travis Scott.

The music video for “Water” was viewed over 147 million times on YouTube. Over 2.2 million people viewed the remix video in the first 48 hours on YouTube.

Tyla has received nothing but praise in the US leading up to her album release.

But South African fans are not impressed. They compared her new album to a “voice note.”

One SA fan tweeted: “It sounds like a voice note from somebody who forgot they pressed record.”

Another person wrote: “30 seconds voice note.”

A third person wrote on Instagram: “Worst album I’ve streamed in my f***ing life!!!.”

Ironically, Tyla won a Grammy Award which is usually reserved for top tier artists.