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A former Yeezy employee filed a lawsuit against Donda Christian Academy alleging that Ye West threatened to shave student’s heads and lock them in cages.

Trevor Phillips accused Ye, formerly Kanye West, of child abuse in the lawsuit. He claimed that Ye compared himself to Hitler and threatened to shave students’ heads and lock them in cages. The allegations were made in a lawsuit filed earlier this month.


Kanye’s four children by Kim Kardashian were students at Donda Academy at the time of the allegations.

Despite the claims of abuse, Phillips’ daughter is still enrolled at the school and sings in Donda Academy’s choir.

Multiple sources confirmed to Page Six that Makayla Myles-Phillips sings in the Donda Choir. Sources tell Page Six that her father has made “no attempts” to remove her from the school.

“She is an amazing singer and rarely misses a rehearsal,” said a second source.

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Page Six reviewed copies of attendance records that show Makayla has not missed a day in school over the past few months.

Both insiders tell Page Six that Phillips has never been seen at any of his daughter’s performances or practices.

It isn’t clear why Phillips was fired from his job at Yeezy.