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Each month on UNFOLDING LEADERSHIP, top Hollywood executive and leadership coach Lacey Leone McLaughlin interviews executives about business lessons they’ve learned from their careers.

Today, her guest is MediaTakeOut Founder Fred Mwangaguhunga, and he shares business lessons from his journey building America’s most prominent black gossip site.

Fred Mwangaguhunga – the visionary behind MediaTakeOut – shares his entrepreneurial odyssey, from his upbringing as the child of immigrants in Queens, New York, to earning a JD/MBA from Columbia University, navigating Wall Street, and co-founding an innovative door-to-door laundry service.

How did he transition into content creation, ultimately steering one of the premier black celebrity gossip platforms of its era? Fred recounts his serendipitous founding of, underscores the significance of his imprint on Internet history, and imparts invaluable insights for any aspiring entrepreneur, emphasizing the primacy of customer value and needs.

Lacey and Fred discuss his career journey and the best way to make smooth transitions in business on the next episode of UNFOLDING LEADERSHIP.

Some of those key lessons:

Ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen:

“Many entrepreneurs, especially now, are experiencing a similar situation to what I went through. In this current environment of readjustment, uncertainty is prevalent. You might have had a promising job or worked for a company with a bright future, only to find things less certain now.

You’re probably wondering what to do next. Here’s the key lesson I’ve learned: business isn’t overly complex. Despite the plethora of business books advocating various mindsets and strategies, it boils down to a simple principle. You create a product or service, sell it to customers, and ensure their satisfaction, fostering their loyalty for repeat business,” says Mwangaguhunga.

How Fred has remained relevant in media:

“I believe that effective leadership fundamentally revolves around shaping the culture and articulating a clear vision. Culturally, prioritizing the customer over profitability is paramount; in any conflict between the two, customer satisfaction must take precedence. The objective is not solely about day-to-day efficiency but about cultivating an organization with enduring longevity. My focus in day-to-day operations is centered on establishing and reinforcing this overarching goal. Achieving this is best accomplished by ingraining the desired culture, consistently emphasizing it, and ensuring it becomes intrinsic to the organization’s DNA. Every company possesses its unique cultural nuances, and ours centers around prioritizing customer satisfaction. This customer-centric culture has proven to be effective for us.”

You can listen to the full episode on Apple, Spotify, and other podcast platforms. This season of UNFOLDING LEADERSHIP covers leadership styles in various forms and the bumps and bruises leaders face along the way.

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