Update: April 10, 2024:

Paramount is investigating reports that Sylvester Stallone created a toxic environment on the set of “Tulsa King.”

The studio is interviewing cast, crew and extras about the allegations.

A casting director quit the production after Stallone allegedly made disparaging remarks about the background extras.

Tulsa King, which was renewed for a second season, is streaming on Paramount+.

“Tulsa King” is about an aging mafia boss in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, the series is filmed in Atlanta, Ga.

Stallone, 77, was overheard telling director Craig Zisk that the background actors were all overweight and unattractive.

The casting director for extras quit after Stallone allegedly referred to some of the extras as “fat” and “ugly.”

The star allegedly told Zisk, “What the f*** is up with these f***ing ugly background [extras]?”

Stallone allegedly referred to the extras as “tub of lard,” and “fat guy with cane.”

He reportedly told Zisk to fire the background actors and “Bring in pretty young girls to be around me.”

Casting agent Rose Locke was so disgusted by Stallone’s comments that she informed the director she was quitting.

The director allegedly told Locke to show him headshots of the extras before they were hired. But she refused, and quit the series this week.


In an email shared on X/Twitter, Locke allegedly wrote, “I resigned because it was a clear toxic environment that I was not comfortable putting myself or background artists in.”

A Facebook post on the official page of Locke’s company, Catrett Locke Casting, confirmed that it had “chosen to part ways” with “Tulsa King.”

In a discussion among actors on, someone wrote about Locke:

“I totally believe this happened but rose Locke isn’t really a saint herself. I’ve seen her abuse extras and “black listing” people for being like 5 minutes late. She has a history of being verbally abusive to [background actors]. She also has had mental breakdowns frequently. I just don’t get why she’s in bg casting. ECA and Tammy smith are my favorite companies personally.”

There are also reports that the director did not want Black extras on the set in a city where the majority ethnic group is Black.

A commenter on wrote:

My son does work as an extra regularly for shows filmed in Atlanta: Gotham Knights, BMF, and other movie productions.

Futhermore, Tulsa King casting agencies blatantly avoids casting black extras. My son is handsome and great physique/abs. He submitted his profile 3Xs for Tulsa King. Got no response. Let’s call the BS what it is, straight BS.


Additionally, some background actors asked Stallone for autographs and to take photos with him, a production source told CNN.

Production sources told CNN that no formal complaints have been lodged against Stallone or the director.

The director denied the allegations in a statement to TMZ.

Director Zisk said that no insults were hurled at the extras on the set of Tulsa King. But he said that casting director Rose Locke brought in older background actors who should have been in their 20s and 30s for a scene in a hip bar.

He also said Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, was on the set and that the star never said anything about wanting “pretty girls” around him.

This post was originally published on April 9, 2024.