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Hundreds of people who stood in line for hours outside an IRS office were left stranded when a fist fight broke out between 2 people in line.

The fight occurred outside a Houston, Texas IRS office on Saturday, forcing the office to close 2 days before Tax Day.

Taxpayers went to the Houston IRS office hoping to get help filing their taxes by today’s deadline (April 15).

Some people got in line at 3 a.m. to be the first to walk through the doors when the office opened at 8:30 a.m.

Hundreds of people tried to rush into the IRS building after the office closure was announced, according to Fox 25 Houston.

An IRS representative assured everyone the office will be open for business as usual on Tax Day. Additional staff was brought in to handle the overwhelming demand.

Many people who filed their taxes earlier this year were told new rules required them to go to the IRS office to verify their identity.

“My grandmother works on Saturdays. She took off today to get here, and she can’t keep taking off to come here,” said Adrienne Angton, “and then you come here, and this is what you get. It is really sad they allow senior citizens to have to come here and stand in line. You don’t know what their health conditions are that would prevent them or hinder them from standing for long periods of time to be here.”

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