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A woman who accused Sean “Puffy” Combs of sexual assault kept her soiled dress in a plastic bag for 20 years.

In her lawsuit, former model Crystal McKinney said she was assaulted by Combs after a fashion event in New York City in 2003.

She said she kept her unwashed clothing from that night in a plastic bag for over two decades.

McKinney said she was invited to a Men’s Fashion Week event, where she believes Combs drugged her and forced her to perform oral sex in a bathroom.

The lawsuit cited a person named only as “the designer” who arranged for her to meet the rapper at the event.

McKinney was given full makeup and hair extensions to appear “platinum blonde” in order to impress him.

The assault allegedly occurred later that night at his Manhattan studio.

McKinney claims Combs “blackballed” her from the industry following the incident. After her modeling career stalled, she attempted suicide in 2004.

At the time, Combs was in the midst of launching his Sean John clothing line and he was a major figure on the men’s fashion scene in NYC.

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Combs allegedly boasted of his influence over the fashion world, and whispered to her that she was “going to make it big” in her career all while being “flirtatious, bordering on leering.”

Half a dozen women and one man have also sued Combs since his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura settled a $30 million lawsuit against him in November.

There are rumors that Cassie may have been involved in luring women for Combs.

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In a series of Instagram posts, rapper Kodak Black’s attorney Bradford Cohen claims Cassie leaked hotel surveillance footage to CNN. Cohen claims Cassie might be named in a RICO case alongside Combs.

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“[Cassie] essentially, in my opinion, is a co-conspirator. She probably took part in many situations where there are allegations of misconduct,” Cohen wrote.

“Leaking the tape and now the statement reinforces her position that she had no choice on the matter and thus tries to avoid any criminal liability.”