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When Rihanna announced the launch of her Fenty Hair line, members of her faithful Navy fan club were confused.

One fan wrote: “Is that the name of her new album?”

Rihanna’s Navy have waited over eight years for her ninth studio album to drop. Nowadays, if Rihanna makes an announcement, her Navy assumes it’s about her 9th album (R9).

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RiRi decided to troll her Navy by mentioning the elusive album at her official Fenty Hair launch event in Los Angeles, California, Monday, June 10.

“This is probably the longest I’ve ever taken to create something. No, I lied, that’s R9,” she said to wild applause.

Fans couldn’t stop talking about Rihanna’s dreamy short curls! She debuted her natural hair over the weekend in NYC.

There was no shortage of negative comments about RiRi’s natural hair on Some of my readers said Rihanna’s hair was “fried”, “dyed” and “damaged.”

They had something to say when she wore a blonde wig, and they had something to say when she took it off.

Thankfully, Rihanna didn’t read the comments and put her wig back on.

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